Kolmeksin Turenki factory

Turenki, Finland

Flexible and versatile assembly

Turenki site was established in 1965 as the new main facility for Kolmeks Oy, the original company of the group. In addition to manufacturing Kolmeks’s own pumps and electrical motors, the factory in Turenki offers flexible assembly and logistics solutions to customers.

3D Measuring center

R&D and engineering center

Our R&D and Engineering Center serving both Europe and Asia is located in Turenki. The unit has an advanced hydraulic laboratory, 3D measuring center and CNC machinery for developed prototype manufacturing.


Quality, Safety and Sustainability are the cornerstones of our strategy and therefore our factories are certified by the following ISO standards:
ISO 9001 – Quality management and ISO 14001 – Environment management

How to arrive

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Kolmeks Oy
Taimistotie 2,
14200 Turenki