Services for the maintenance professionals

For the maintenance professionals, we offer a wide range of spare parts for pumps as well as complete replacement kits. In the event of a pump failure, a replacement kit can be used to operate the pump easily and quickly without any plumbing work.

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Spare parts and replacement kits

We offer a large selection of original spare parts as well as complete pump units for our pumps. The spare kit is a new pump unit without housing. The replacement kit is a refurbished pump unit using 95% recycled parts. The replacement kit has a smaller carbon footprint and is a more economical choice than the spare kit.

Kolmeks On-Call Service

On-call maintenance service

Kolmeks on-call maintenance service is available 24/7 in urgent cases.

On-call service number: 0400 319 027 (Service available in Finland)

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Spare Parts Finland

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Pump Maintenance Finland

Marko Stenberg

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On-Call Maintenance Service

in urgent cases

Tel. 0400 319 027

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