Planet, people and continuity

In our effort to create and sustain conditions for human well-being everywhere, we focus on three interrelated areas: environment, society and economy.

Metallinkierrätys Kolmeksilla

Sustainable operations and products

We are dedicated to embracing the circular economy and development of technologies and processes that protect the environment and ensure maximum efficiency.

Our environmental goal is to reduce energy and water consumption as well as increase waste material utilization. Our positions in EU, China and India help to shorten the supply chains for our global customers.

Kolmeks kantaa vastuuta työntekijöistä ja ympäristöstä

Social responsibility and ethics

We believe that building social capital builds long term value for businesses and all their shareholders.

We want to be the most attractive employer and ensure a safe working environment for all Kolmeks employees. Every Kolmeks employee and supplier ought to be familiar with and committed to Kolmeks code of conduct. We only trade fair.

Asiakaskokemuksen parantaminen Kolmeksin tavoitteena

Business continuity through best customer experience

We strive to be a solutions provider helping our customers to succeed by offering the most efficient, reliable and sustainable products and services. Our risk management and group wide continuity planning means our customers’ business is safe with us.

Kolmeks and sustainability in numbers

95 %

Recycled metal used in pumps


Average lifetime for a Kolmeks pump


Kolmeks has been recycling pumps