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  • Täyttöasemien tuotetiedot

Filling station with a manual pump

Hospitals, health centres and nursing homes, Marine industry and flue gas scrubbers, Process industry, Residential construction, Schools and kindergartens, Shops, shopping centres and commercial properties, Spas and swimming baths
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Manual pump

Kolmeks filling station with a manual pump. Glycol-water mixtures used as heat transfer fluid and as ground heat fluids pumping equipment for the ethanol-water mixtures used. Filling and boosting of systems, as well as recycling for deaeration.

Tank capacity is 60, 100 or 200 litres. The tank has a measuring scale, screw cap with a diameter of 150 mm and grommet with membrane rubber (eg. for safety valve). Suction piping with bottom valve, non-return, shut-off and mixing valve and a connection to the piping 1/2 ”female thread.

Hand pump model NIRA.

Technical data


100 K, 200 K, 60 K


Ethanol-water mixtures, Glycol-water mixtures

Connection sizes

1/2” internal thread