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Other HVAC products

Hospitals, health centres and nursing homes, Marine industry and flue gas scrubbers, Process industry, Schools and kindergartens, Spas and swimming baths, The primary side of district heating

Our product range also includes a wide range of other HVAC products for building technology and industry needs, including for example:

  • Overflow controls
  • Flow limiters
  • Deaerators 16 bar/198 C and 30 bar/300 C
  • Deaerators for steam
  • Flow controls
  • Back-pressure valves
    • with a bow, bronze
    • stainless steel
    • DN15-DN200 installed between flanges, acidproof steel or galvanized/stainless steel
  • Float valves
  • Flow pointers
  • Condensers
    • thermodynamic condenser
    • floating steam trap
  • Droplet separators
  • Vacuum protectors