• SpiroVent Superior S250 alipaineilmanpoistin
  • SpiroVent Superior S250 alipaineilmanpoistin
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SpiroVent Superior S250

Hospitals, health centres and nursing homes, Residential construction, Schools and kindergartens, Shops, shopping centres and commercial properties, Spas and swimming baths, The primary side of district heating
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Automatic vacuum degasser to remove dissolved and free gases from the system water of closed heating systems (according to EN 12828) and chilled water systems. Completely pre-assembled control and hydraulic unit for wall mounting, ready for the plug-in. The entire device is completely enclosed ensuring dirt protection and sound insulation with easy removable cover.

Degassing in the hydraulic section utilizing the patented VENTURI-LOOP principle: the vacuum is generated through an electronically controlled centrifugal pump in combination with a Venturi tube ensuring a very quiet and almost vibration-free operation.

The noise level is only 41dB.

Technical data


SpiroVent Superior S250

Liquid temperature range





Closed systems, Cooling systems, Heating systems

Connection sizes

G 1/2"


SpiroVent Superior S250

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