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News 21.06.2021

Adding IMAX value to Kolmeks electric motor documentation

IMAX value is added to all Kolmeks electric motor documentation. IMAX value is updated to pump datasheets, pump selector, and user manual descriptions and references for thermal protection design.


Kolmeks has identified customer cases, where high-efficiency induction motor start current may cause problems with fuses and thermal protection switches tripping. In high-efficiency motors IS/IN ratio is typically big, when according to nominal current designed thermal protection may trip and avoid starting the pump. That´s why for all new production Kolmeks manufactured electric motors has been defined IMAX value, which Kolmeks guarantees being safe value in continuous duty.

Impacts for documentation and for Kolmeks customers

Kolmeks pump rating plate layout is going to change a bit to enable new rated value fitting to the rating plate. The updated rating plate looks like in the picture below.

Updated rating plate of  Kolmeks pumps
PICTURE: Updated rating plate layouts (NOTE! IMAX values referative)

IMAX value will be updated also to pump datasheets, pump selector and user manual descriptions and references for thermal protection design.

For end-users IMAX value has an impact on designing fuses and thermal protection switches, which should be chosen according to IMAX value. IMAX value also indicates the biggest loadability of electric motor, even though motor efficiency ratings are not anymore in force.

More information

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