Sirje Lott – Electric Motor Winder

Sirje Lott is working as an Electric motor winder at AS Kolmeks in Estonia. She has a long history at AS Kolmeks, and she knows the company well. Co-workers of Sirje describe her as a friendly and helpful person who is easy to work with. Indeed she is a good communicator, and therefore she is selected as the employee representative in her unit. “I have been selected twice as employee representative “, Sirje adds. “I try to contribute to good and reliable cooperation between the management and the employees.”

Mentoring newcomers

Sirje came to Kolmeks in year 2009. After five years of working at Kolmeks, she started training new employees. However, Sirje remembers there was a time when there weren’t new employees coming, and yet, there was no need for training. Sirje has been a front worker since the creation of the position. 

Quality and performance 

Sirje mentions that the most meaningful part of her job is to transfer the skills and knowledge to new employees. She loves conducting training and helping new people to adapt to the company. The key is to ensure all new employees are well-oriented and feel welcome. Sufficient training and mentoring ensure and maintain a high quality of operational performance continuously, now and in the future.

Innovative and flexible Kolmeks

Sirje thinks the best thing at Kolmeks is flexible working hours. Thanks to the flexibility, it is easier to combine work and leisure time, which also affects well-being positively.

When thinking about Kolmeks’ four core values (dedicated, innovative, collaborative and reliable) Sirje finds ‘innovative’ the most important value. “Innovation is creating something new or improving existing. Innovations are happening across the company at every level, and every employee can be innovative in their area. “

Active free time

In her free time, Sirje does actively sports. She takes part in popular running races and goes swimming all year round. “I like to swim, and in winter, I go ice swimming”, she reveals. In addition, Sirje also loves animals. She has a big dog, a cat and rabbits. For relaxing, Sirje does handicrafts and bakes.