Kolmeks Maintenance Manager.

Marko Stenberg – Maintenance Manager, Turenki

Marko Stenberg works as a Maintenance Manager at Kolmeks and develops maintenance services and is involved in almost all maintenance operations. He considers it important that the customer can easily get the service they need and can rely on the quality of the operations. “Now we have a new opportunity to help our customers by maintaining their equipment register of SpiroVent automatic vacuum degassers on their behalf and reminding them of the future maintenance.” Maintenance reminders keep the equipment’s maintenance interval moderate, helping to extend their life cycle. “With the same system, it is also possible to manage service contracts.” This enables the provision of more versatile maintenance services.

From three-week contract to a long career at Kolmeks

Marko’s career with Kolmeks began in 1996 when he was in his twenties coming to replace a forklift driver for three weeks. The following year, he signed a permanent employment contract. Initially, the work tasks were in the dispatch centre and in the assembly line of the pumps. In the late ’90s, with the addition of frequency converters to the range, he switched to assembling FC pumps.

At the turn of the 2010s, Marko moved from assembly tasks to sales of maintenance services, and later in 2019, he moved to his current position as a maintenance manager. The maintenance team led by Marko operates in Vantaa and Turenki, serving customers all over Finland.

Durable pumps, solving customers challenges and a great maintenance team

The most significant things for Marko in his work are to solve customers’ problems, durable Kolmeks pumps and a skilled, cooperative service team. “We have different personalities in the team, and we all have our strengths. I don’t remember a problem that the team couldn’t solve.”

Kolmeks pumps are known to be durable. So durable that we can joke about it with the customers. Once one customer laughed that they had a pump purchased in 1968, and it “already” broke down. “Solving customer’s problems create a feeling of success. Often the fault appears in the symptom of the pump. However, the problem normally tends to be somewhere else. An example of these is the bearing currents that occur when the rear bearing begins to make noise. From experience, I know that the rear bearings break down very rarely otherwise.”

100 % reliability is the key

Marko believes that the best things about Kolmeks are its long traditions and a domestic family business background. Kolmeks’ history reaches back to 1945. Today the group is owned by a Finnish family company Brandt Group Oy Ltd. Everyone at Kolmeks is guided by four core values: dedicated, innovative, collaborative and reliable. Of these values, the most important for Marko is reliability. “Reliability must be 100%, both in the work community and with customers!” However, he finds all other values are important and thinks that none of the values should be forgotten.

Multi-skilled at work and in leisure

As a counterbalance to work, Marko likes to renovate: “I have spent almost all my free time renovating the cottage. A year ago, we bought an old cottage on the shore of Lake Kukkiajärvi. I have renovated almost the cottage and the sauna completely.” In the past, Marko has also driven a rally and coached children’s and youths’ floorball teams for more than 10 years.