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New KI pump series – In-line Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps with IEC-motors

Hospitals, health centres and nursing homes, Marine industry and flue gas scrubbers, Pressurizing and irrigation systems, Process industry, Residential construction, Schools and kindergartens, Shops, shopping centres and commercial properties, Spas and swimming baths, The primary side of district heating
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New KI pump series – High efficiency and solid structure

Minimized life cycle costs (LCC) for end users

  • Competitive purchase price => lower purchase costs
  • Easy, quick and space saving installation => lower installation costs
  • High efficiency => lower energy consumption
  • Easily integrated speed control / intelligence => optimized process performance
  • Robust and pump optimized design => lower maintenance costs
  • Easy and quick maintenance => lower maintenance costs
  • Optimized mechanical seal chamber => lower maintenance costs


First class reliability

  • Optimized hydraulics with low net positive suction head required (NPSHre)
  • Optimized seal chamber and impeller balancing holes

Technical data

Maximum pump head


Liquid temperature range

-15 … +180°C


Air conditioning systems, Closed systems, Cooling systems, Domestic water, Heating systems, Industrial systems, Irrigation systems, Open systems, Pressure rise


Water, Hot and cold oxygen-free water, Hot and cold oxygenated water, Clean liquids, Alcoholic solutions, Ethanol-water mixtures, Glycol-water mixtures, Glycols, Other heat transfer fluids

Nominal pressure

PN10, PN16