• Spirocombi deaerator and dirt separator

Deaerator and dirt separator

Hospitals, health centres and nursing homes, Process industry, Residential construction, Schools and kindergartens, Shops, shopping centres and commercial properties, Spas and swimming baths, The primary side of district heating
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SpiroCombi deaerators and dirt separators are designed for the simultaneous removal of air and dirt from water systems. SpiroCombi removes air, microbubbles and dirt particles from system water continuously.

Technical data


SpiroCombi, SpiroCombi Magnet, SpiroCombi MB3


Brass and machine steel and stainless steel AISI 316

Flow rate

0,36 – 1436,11 l/s

Liquid temperature range

0 … +110°C


Air conditioning systems, Closed systems, Heating systems, Industrial systems


Hot and cold oxygen-free water, Glycols, Other heat transfer fluids

Nominal pressure


Pressure drop

2,02 – 45,9 kPa

Connection sizes

G 3/4" – DN800