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Kolmeks pumps for industrial applications

Wood pellet manufacturer, Neova, Finland

In Turenki, Janakkala, about 100 km north from Helsinki is located one out of six Neova wood pellet factories in Finland. The factory delivers pellets all around the world and in Finland. Also, the Turenki plant is one of the first Neova pellet factories. Neova produces wood pellets under the Vapo brand.

Pumps for industrial processes

Kolmeks pumps are part of the wood pellet manufacturing process, and Kolmeks has been supplying pumps to the site for decades. There are dozens of Kolmeks pumps in different stages of the manufacturing process. Pumps have their role, for example, in the sawdust drying process and the operation of the combustion boiler.

Dusty factory environment creates challenging conditions for the pumps. Therefore, the pumps have high criteria. The factory operates 24/7, so the reliability of the pumps has to be excellent. Typically, pumps are duplicated, ensuring the process continues uninterrupted. Also, Kolmeks pump maintenance services secure continuous operation of the process. Depending on the application, the pump may be required to pump hot water or chemically challenging liquids such as lye. Often the pumps are equipped with different industrially applicable solutions, such as special wetted materials and mechanical seal arrangements.

Pump in a factory, factory manager and maintenance manager
In the picture, Neova Plant Manager (left) and Kolmeks Maintenance Manager are examining the pump.

High temperatures and special materials

The wood pellet manufacturing process includes several steps. The combustion boiler creates water vapour, which is utilized to dry the sawdust. The pumps pump this hot water. So, they must withstand high temperatures and system pressure. The temperature of the pumped medium is usually always over 100 degrees, and the system pressure is 10 bar.

Sawdust is dried in a large dryer, where water gets separated from the sawdust. The moisture content of the sawdust is 50% when entering the dryer and 13% after drying. From the dryer, the water vapour goes to the heat recovery tower from where the heat energy is used by district heating, for example, and steam is partially condensed back into the water. Approximately 10 litres of fluid flow through the pump per second. In addition to water, lye passes through the pumps. All the physical and chemical medium characteristics and environmental details must be taken into account when selecting suitable pumps.

Neova Factory Manager and Kolmeks pumps in the picture

A well-functioning partnership and the speed of services are the advantages that Kolmeks offers us.

Tero Raami, Plant Manager, Neova

Fast service

For years Kolmeks has ensured the pumps and safety valves are operating correctly. Tero Raami, working as a Plant Manager at Neova pellet factory in Turenki, praises the cooperation with Kolmeks. “ Kolmeks is located close by, and familiar people are serving us. We get needed service on a quick schedule which is important to us. When we need the pump maintenance or any other technical support in our factory, Kolmeks professional visits on-site immediately.”

Safety valve adjustments

In addition to pumps, Kolmeks supplies HVAC products and related maintenance services. For example, adjusting and checking safety valves is one such service. Adjustment and inspection of safety valves is a statutory, regular operation affected by the pressure limit. An authorized certification company still confirmes the valve adjustments.

Kolmeks offers also safety valve adjustment services.

Evolving maintenance services

Kolmeks maintenance services are constantly evolving. “We want to invest in well-functioning customer relationships and respond to customer needs by developing our services; making collaboration more straightforward and smoother,” sums up Marko Stenberg, Kolmeks Maintenance Manager.

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