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Manufacturing Caligo flue gas scrubber

Flue gas scrubbers – Caligo Industria

Caligo Industria manufactures high-quality flue gas scrubbers and industrial heat recovery units using state-of-the-art heat pump technology. Kolmeks pump is a perfect part of the efficient and compact Caligo-system.

Caligo flue gas scrubber

The key function of flue gas scrubbers is to recover heat from combustion processes and industrial processes. This is achieved by cooling flue gases or industrial process vapours below the dew point, thereby releasing energy and condensed water in the process.

In addition, a flue gas scrubber removes impurities from industrial flue gases, thus reducing particulate emissions. The cleaning of flue gases therefore significantly reduces particulate emissions, especially in boilers using biofuels. The treatment also enables efficient removal of other pollutants and sulphur from the gases.

The energy from the processes is recovered and used efficiently by means of a heat pump, to be utilized for example in district heating. Caligo has developed a patented heat pump connection to flue gas scrubbers, enabling fuel savings of more than 30%.

A Caligo flue gas scrubber consists of a scrubber module and a water treatment module. Pumps are used in flue gas scrubbers for example in the process water scrubbing cycle, in the heat recovery cycle and on the district heating water side. In total, one flue gas scrubber system can include 2 to 6 pumps.

Durable and easy to install

The scrubbing process places high requirements on the pump. Solids, chlorine, and sulphur concentrations can be high, so acid resistance is one of the key requirements placed on the pump. Therefore, Kolmeks pumps are ideal for flue gas scrubbers.

In addition to stainless steel material, Kolmeks pumps excel in easy installation and compact size. The pump requires only small floor space and can be conveniently installed without a separate concrete bed. In addition, the pump can be delivered in customer-specific colours and accessories. This facilitates the perfect adaptation of the pump into the customer’s system.

Kolmeks pumps in Caligo colours and accessories
Kolmeks pumps in Caligo colours and accessories.