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EduCity campus building

EduCity, Turku

EduCity is a versatile property located on the Kupittaa campus, Turku University of Applied Sciences. It provides facilities for the polytechnic community but also for companies and communities. The building was completed in 2020. Kolmeks pumps are part of EduCity’s modern and sustainable technology solutions.

Multifunctional premises

EduCity combines eco-friendliness, multifunctionality and skilful architecture. The building covers an area of 28,400 gross square metres. It includes classrooms, lecture halls, group workspaces, which are suitable for individual and collaborative learning, and various laboratory facilities. In addition, the building has office premises, shared multipurpose space and facilities for restaurants, exercise and parking, among other things.

The building provides facilities for approximately 2,000 polytechnic students and 350 employees.

Kolmeks pumps – part of the building technology system

EduCity has several Kolmeks Inline centrifugal pumps but also Spirotech dirt separators imported by Kolmeks, in addition. Kolmeks pumps are used in the campus building’s heat distribution and ventilation system. Also, they are part of the Are Sensus® building technology system, which guarantees energy efficiency, adaptability and optimal conditions for the property.

Learn more about Are Sensus®.

Advantages of Kolmeks pumps

The advantages of Kolmeks pumps in real estate use are their easy installation and maintenance, compact size and quiet running noise. The pumps can be installed without major plumbing work, even vertically. The recyclability-based refurbished exchange unit service developed by Kolmeks makes it easy and ecological to change the pump unit. Read more about the refurbished exchange unit service.