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HUS Tammisairaala (Helsinki University Hospital) – the eye hospital of the future

HUS Kiinteistöt Oy started the construction of Tammisairaala in the spring of 2021 next to the Meilahti Hospital area, near the Skin and Allergy Hospital. All areas of eye diseases will be cared for at Tammisairaala.

In Finland’s leading eye hospital, which will be opened in 2025, work is being done for vision, functional ability and a good quality of life.

Approximately 120 pumps manufactured by Kolmeks are installed in HUS Tammisairaala. Here our pumps are used in a variety of systems e.g. heating, cooling, service water, supply air devices and heat recovery.

As a partner our customers value the maintenance of Kolmeks which is able to operate on a fast schedule and serves 24/7. In addition to this Kolmeks has its own large domestic stock of spare parts and pumps. The importance of maintenance in demanding locations is large since certain pumps are critical to the equipment’s operating conditions.