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New Oulu University Hospital 2030

A completely new university hospital will be built in Oulu’s Kontinkangas through the renewal program. The new hospital will be built in stages, construction started in 2019 and will continue closer to 2030. The old structures are gradually being demolished to make way for new buildings.

The goal is to build safe, healthy and functional treatment facilities, which will secure the availability of specialized medical services in Northern Finland. The new hospital will be an easily visualized more compact and clearer entity than the current one, where key functions are easily accessible.

Kolmeks pumps and other devices can be found in large numbers in different parts of this hospital, which also is under construction. Practically all the pumps in this location that are needed for the building’s internal infrastructure are from Kolmeks, for example:

 – Main pumps for heating and cooling
 – Main pumps of the ventilation system
– Service water pumps
 – Service water pressure boosting stations
– Street heating pumps
– District heating pressure boosting pumps
– Cooling and heating radiator networks on every floor
– Evaporator circuit pumps
– Condensate circuit pumps
– Pumps for free cooling circuits
– Pumps for liquid cooling of air compressors, etc.

In addition to this there are Spirotech devices from Kolmeks to remove air and dirt.