• Kolmeks pressure booster station
  • Kahden pumpun paineenkorotusasema BM2-MVV(F) monivyöhykepumpuilla
  • Kahden pumpun paineenkorotusasema BM2-KM
  • Yhden pumpun paineenkorotusasema BM1-MVVE -SC Asemat monivyöhykepumpuilla

Pressure booster stations

Hospitals, health centres and nursing homes, Marine industry and flue gas scrubbers, Pressurizing and irrigation systems, Process industry, Residential construction, Schools and kindergartens, Shops, shopping centres and commercial properties, Spas and swimming baths
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Stainless steel and acid-proof steel

Kolmeks pressure booster stations are used in industrial processes, pressure boosting in individual properties and municipal waterworks, as well as irrigation systems on golf courses, for example.

Our pressure booster stations are energy efficient and they utilise the latest drive technology. The pump speed is adjusted according to water consumption: as water consumption increases, the speed of the pumps in the station increases. Correspondingly, as water consumption decreases, the speed of the pumps slows down. When consumption is zero, the station is at a standstill. Our stations start and stop smoothly, thus avoiding pressure shocks. This also contributes to extending the life of pipelines.

The product family of booster stations is fully comprehensive, including single-pump stations for individual properties as well as demanding two-pump stations required in the process industry. All pressure booster sets can be customised according to the client’s needs.

Technical data


BM1, BM2

Flow rate

0 – 60 l/s

Maximum pump head


Liquid temperature range

-0 … +110°C

Motor power range

0,37 – 2 x 45 kW


Irrigation systems, Pressure rise

Nominal pressure

PN10, PN16